Volunteer Recruitment and Retention


Volunteer  Recruitment and Retention  



St Ives Football Club is a not for profit Community Sporting Organisation run by volunteers.  The Management Committee acknowledges the important role each volunteer plays in contributing to our clubs success.  Volunteers are the backbone of our club and we cannot run successfully without them.  Our aim is to ensure volunteers are provided with a high level of support and training to assist them in their role and ensure their experience is a positive one.  All members of the Management Committee are in fact volunteers themselves so we seek to ensure that our Policies and Procedures are realistic and achievable.  


Volunteers come and go and SIFC recognizes that recruitment is a continuous process . Peak times for recruitment are during registration, however recruitment throughout the season is ongoing.  SIFC is always on the lookout for that extra pair of hands to help lighten the load. Recruitment methods are varied and include -  

-A tick box on registration

-Regular email follow up to all new members outlining volunteer opportunities

-Advertising in our website

-Advertising through local media opportunities, Local newspaper, community radio stations, flyers at grounds, banners.

-Via AGM

-Via Open Day/Registration Day Events

-During all season fundraisers and end of season Events

-Word of mouth.



 When seeking volunteers we recognise the need to be flexible. Position Descriptions are provided for all roles but can be adapted to suit each volunteer if necessary. We aim to recognise and utilise each volunteer’s strengths, weaknesses and time restrictions. We seek to develop volunteer teams around tasks so that people don’t feel over committed and, if at any stage they are unavailable, there are others who can step in.  

Full job descriptions are provided for each role to help new volunteers settle in.  Each new volunteer has access to a mentor who will help them understand their position and to make it easy for them to settle in to their role.  SIFC will also provide a clear Organisational Chart so all Volunteers know who they can go to if they require assistance.   We endeavour to provide adequate induction, handover and written instructions for each role so that the new volunteer does not feel they’ve been thrown in the deep.  



SIFC is committed to recognizing and rewarding our volunteers whenever possible.  As a not for profit organization run by volunteers we have limited ability to provide financial rewards so seek to do this in the following ways.  

 1.      Acknowledging Volunteers assistance through the club newsletters.  

2.     Posting articles relating to our volunteers on the website.  

3.    Hosting an annual volunteers Event to say thank you.  

4.    Regular feedback and contact with all volunteers.  

5.    Provision of small gifts or vouchers in accordance with our club Policy.  

6.    Certificates of recognition.  

7.    Reimburse out of pocket expenses  

8.    Present awards for years of service  

9.    Providing  free access to applicable courses and training aids  

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